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All wallpapers are *.jpg format.


Dream Theater - Six Degrees of SFAM
1600x1200 size: 584K
1280x1024 size: 234K
1024x768 size: 154K
800x600 size: 105K



Dream Theater - SDoIT #2
1600x1200 size: 637K
1280x1024 size: 260K
1024x768 size: 170K
800x600 size: 115K



Dream Theater - SDoIT 1024x768
size: 218K

SDoIT 800x600
size: 150K



Dream Theater - The Sixth Degree 1024x768
size: 241K

The Sixth Degree 800x600
size: 161K



Dream Theater - Retrospective 1024x768
size: 119K

Retrospective 800x600
size: 83K



Dream Theater - The Metropolis Zone 1024x768
size: 67K

The Metropolis Zone 800x600
size: 47K


Dream Theater - Scenes 1024x768
size: 51K

Scenes 800x600
size: 37K

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